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You're Doing WHAT!?! | Competitive Eating
Sunday, April 30, 2017

You’re Doing WHAT!?!

thebear2Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joseph McDonald and I am the webmaster of jamiethebearmcdonald.com I am also the video editor, motion graphics designer, manager, and most importantly brother of Jamie “The Bear” McDonald. In my years, I have promoted or helped promote professional wrestling events, concerts, nationally televised MMA events, and professional boxing events. I’ve worked in post production for season 5 of Last Comic Standing and edited DVD features for Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix, Transformers, and the Bourne Ultimatum to name a few. Why am I sharing this with you? To be honest, I love pointing that out whenever I get a chance =) But to also say that in my short time on this earth, I have seen quite a bit, especially in the promoting world. Nothing I had seen though could prepare me (if that’s the right wording) for what is the world of competitive eating.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing my view of the meteoric rise of competitive eating’s Rookie Of The Year – Jamie “The Bear” McDonald. I hope you find it to be as funny, disgusting, and fascinating as I have.

Like most people my knowledge of competitive eating was limited to Nathans Famous Hotdog Eating Contest held yearly and aired on ESPN on the 4th of July. I knew a few of the key players like Kobi and Joey Chestnut, but that was the extent of it. Little did I know there was a whole culture and rabid fan base that went along with it.  Little did I know that there were events held throughout the year with big money at stake. Little did I know that there were two main organizations that sanctioned these events each with their own set of rules. And little did I know that my brother, in the span of ten months, would become its fastest rising star and Rookie Of The Year.…

More to come!

– Joseph


  1. Since our days in Ruskin together Jamie’s always kept life interesting but this by far tops it all! Glad you are an integral part of this adventure!!

  2. That’s my Boyz!!! Love all 5 of you, and clean your plate!!!