Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Bear vs The Mayan Doomsday 10 Whopper Challenge!

A milestone has been reached in American fast food history as Burger King’s “Whopper” hamburger celebrates it 55th anniversary in 2012. Competitive eaters all across the internet have been issuing challenges on who can eat 10 Whoppers the fastest and Jamie has answered that challenge. Watch in amazement (or disgust) as The Bear mauls his way through 10 Whoppers!  How fast can the national hamburger eating champion complete this mad challenge eaters are dubbing “Whopper Wars”?


  1. That was over 10 minutes! 😉

  2. He is the real bear who escaped from the jungle and went to the town! 😀 And the hunter found him at the Burger King! LOL