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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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The Dog Haus Pasadena Slider Eating Championship!


An hour after eating two 3 pound cupcakes in Fountain Valley, California, Jamie traveled North to beautiful Pasadena to compete in the Dog Haus Pasadena “Slider Eating Championship”. The Dog Haus Pasadena Slider Eating Championship was apart of the Pasadena Cheeseburger Week to determine who has the best burgers in all of Pasadena. With 6 pounds of cupcake in his stomach was Jamie biting of more than he could chew? Would the Dog Haus Pasadena ... Read More »

Poutineville Heart Attack Suffers Bear Attack!

Poutineville Heart Attack

The Poutineville Heart Attack (video at the bottom) Jamie “The Bear” McDonald takes on the Poutineville challenge in Montreal! A 15 pound poutine called “The Heart Attack” – a challenge usually reserved for teams of two to try and finish in under an hour. The Bear devoured “The Poutineville Heart Attack” in under 25 mins… ALONE! Full story by Sandi Toxic courtesy of The International Rake and Herald  Read More »

The Bear Breaks National Hamantaschen Record!

Jamie ‘the Bear’ McDonald has wolfed his way to victory at the Second Annual EL AL Israel Airlines National Hamantaschen Eating Championship.   Original Article by Sandi Toxic of The International Rake And Herald. Jamie ‘the Bear’ McDonald has continued his unstoppable rise to international chomping glory with a record-breaking win at the All Pro Eating- (APE) sanctioned 2013 National Hamantaschen Eating Championship in Noi Yoik, Noi Yoik. The event, marking the Jewish holiday of Purim, saw the Bear guzzling ... Read More »

The Taco Bell 12 Pack Challenge!

Crazy Taco Bell Logo.

Here it is, the “Taco Bell 12 Pack Challenge”! The challenge was initially laid down by Joe Parks (YouTube User – YJoeParks) The challenge was originally just eating 12 Taco Bell soft tacos as fast as you can but Jamie upped the ante and did it “Bear Style”. Jamie added a bowl of ghost pepper (the hottest pepper in the WORLD!) salsa, which he chugs, and Taco Bell volcano burritos. Behold the madness! Read More »

New York Daily News Writes An Article About Jamie!

New York Daily News loves Jamie "The Bear" McDonald

New York Daily News reporter Michael Walsh interviewed Jamie for the following article posted on the New York Daily News website. The article covers “The Denny’s Hobbit Menu Challenge” video that has gone viral since being picked up by the Huffington Post last week. Since being featured on the Huff Post, the video has been picked up by other websites such as TMZ Perez Hilton, Mashable, The Daily Mail in the UK, and countless other sites. ... Read More »