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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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The Dog Haus Pasadena Slider Eating Championship!


An hour after eating two 3 pound cupcakes in Fountain Valley, California, Jamie traveled North to beautiful Pasadena to compete in the Dog Haus Pasadena “Slider Eating Championship”. The Dog Haus Pasadena Slider Eating Championship was apart of the Pasadena Cheeseburger Week to determine who has the best burgers in all of Pasadena. With 6 pounds of cupcake in his stomach was Jamie biting of more than he could chew? Would the Dog Haus Pasadena ... Read More »

The Bear vs. The Pinky’s Cupcakery “Man Up Challenge” !


Pinky’s Cupcakery “Man Up Challenge” On 1.11.2014 Jamie “The Bear” McDonald walked into Pinky’s Cupakery in Fountain Valley, Ca and attempted to conquer the “Man Up Challenge”. The challenge is to eat a monstrous 3 pound cupcake as quickly as possible. If you win you finish the cupcake is free and you get your name and picture goes on the “Wall Of Winners”. If you don’t finish you pay for the cupcake and your name ... Read More »

Jamie dominates at the 9th Annual Brooklyn Pizza Eating Contest at Rocco’s Pizza!

Article courtesy of The Brooklyn Daily.  Jamie dominates at the 9th Annual Brooklyn Pizza Eating Contest at Rocco’s Pizza! They might call it the Fifth Avenue Spring Festival, but it sure felt like summer! The mercury neared 90 degrees Sunday, June 2, at the 20th annual celebration of the Bay Ridge thoroughfare — which stretches from 69th to 85th streets — but that didn’t stop thousands from coming out. “It was a little too hot, ... Read More »

The Bear vs. The China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge!


  Chickens must HATE Jamie “The Bear” McDonald…….China Blue Restaurant, located on NW 9th St. in Corvallis, Oregon, is an Americanized Chinese restaurant and home to the Lucky Seven Challenge. China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge The China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge is reserved for only the bravest of souls and is as follows: You must eat seven different chicken dishes (orange, lemon, sweet & sour, Hunan, General Tso, Mandarin, and their signature hazelnut chicken) each ... Read More »

Can The Bear Beat An 11 Pound Cinnamon Roll?

Nestled in the town of Longview, Washington is a diner by the name of Stuffy’s II. Famous in the Northeast for its fun atmosphere and awesome food, Stuffy’s has a few “Bear Sized” items on its menu. But on this day it was Stuffy’s cinnamon roll that caught the Bear’s attention. Typically Stuffy’s makes a MONSTER cinnamon roll that contains nearly seven cups of flour that’s 5 to 5.5 pounds. when it is finished. Not ... Read More »