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The Bear Competes At Maxie's Deli "Pickle Pandemonium"!
Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Bear Competes At Maxie’s Deli “Pickle Pandemonium”!

Maxie’s Deli “Pickle Pandemonium”!


Jamie (far left) with the other competitors waits for the contest to begin.

It was a beautiful afternoon in Stoughton, Massachusetts as Jamie “The Bear” McDonald rolled into town. On the docket for the afternoon was a trip to Maxie’s Deli located at 117 Sharon Street. Maxie’s was holding a contest, which they dubbed “Maxie’s Pickle Pandemonium”, an event to help raise money for the Sumner Redstone Burn Center at Massachusetts General Hospital Burn Center.

After two years of holding a “Matzo Ball Mania,” Maxie’s owner Steve Robbins decided to switch things up and use pickles this year. “When you think of a deli, what do you think of? Pickles,” Robbins said. The contestants will be eating small garlic dill pickles from Regal Pickle Works in Worcester. They have a “nice crunch and beautiful taste,” Robbins said.

The object of Maxie’s Deli “Pickle Pandemonium” is to eat as many pounds of pickles as possible within the six-minute time limit. Pickles have to be eaten as is, with no toppings. Participants could eat either sitting or standing in their designated areas, and could drink water during the competition, but the use of utensils was not allowed. If a Participant has a “Roman Incident” (throws up), he or she is automatically disqualified.

Would The Bear’s utter disdain for pickles slow him down? Would he be able to beat the other participants of Maxie’s Deli “Pickle Pandemonium”? Do I even need to ask these questions? Enjoy the video!


– Joe

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