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Southside 6 Gyro Challenge Chalenges Jamie!
Sunday, April 30, 2017

Southside 6 Gyro Challenge challenges Jamie!


Around 12 to 13 pounds of gyro sandwhiches!

Southside 6 Gyro Challenge! As you know (if you follow Jamie on Facebook, Twitter, his website, etc) Jamie is opening a BBQ restaurant in Windsor, Connecticut. What does this have to do with this video you might be asking yourself? Well, allow me to explain…..

So Jamie drove his truck from Connecticut to Kansas City to buy a new smoker for his restaurant. Driving such a distance in any sized vehicle, let alone a truck, is a costly endeavor and one that Jamie wanted to minimize. While in KC I lined up a few challenges for him (which you can see here on his YouTube page) none of which had any prize money to help fund his trip. For the 36 hours that he was in Kansas City he agonized over the insane fuel costs he was racking up to haul his smoker back to Windsor but it was a necessary evil. Anyway, Jamie told me to find him some challenges that he could hit up and make a few bucks to help offset the cost of his trip. That’s when I found the Southside 6 Gyro challenge.

Southside 6 and the Southside 6 Gyro Challenge

Southside 6 is a party store located 737 S Main St, Bowling Green, Ohio. They aren’t the typical “booze and smokes” store. What sets SS6 apart from the rest is the fact that they serve “incredibly good” (Jamie’s words) Labanese food as well. This brings us to the Southside 6 Gyro Challenge. Eaters are given 60 minutes to eat six MONSTER gyro sandwiches totaling roughly 12 pounds and then hold it down for five minutes once they have completed it. If they can do it they are awarded $666.00 and a spot on the SS6 wall of fame. Hundreds have tried to conquer the Southside 6 Gyro Challenge, as it turns out Jamie not only knew of the challenge but 9 months ago failed it, but only two have completed it.

Will Jamie get his revenge on the Southside 6 Gyro Challenge or will will history repeat itself?

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