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Jamie Breaks the IHOP Pancake Eating Record!
Sunday, April 30, 2017

Jamie Breaks the IHOP Pancake Eating Record!

Jamie “The Bear” McDonald attempts to beat the IHOP Pancake Eating Record

IHOP pancake eating record

First let me start off by saying: I LOVE PANCAKES! To me, pancakes are like pizza in that even when they are bad, they are still pretty good. To date, the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten are the one’s my Yia Ya made. The second runner-up is the tried and true pancakes at IHOP. IHOP’s pancakes are consistently great no matter which location I visit and I’ve been to IHOP’s from Los Angeles to New York and all points in between.  As much as I’d like to think that you are reading this to hear about my love of pancakes let’s get down to business….

Off to the IHOP in Liberty, Missouri we went.

Over the weekend our beloved Bear made a quick trip to his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri to pick up a smoker that he will be using to open up a Kansas City style BBQ joint in his current home town of Granby, Connecticut. While he was here he decided to attempt to break the IHOP pancake eating record of 66 pancakes in 2 hours. Some phone calls were made and the great people at the IHOP in Liberty, Missouri were happy to have Jamie in to give it a go. In all, 70 pancakes were put in front of Jamie. The pressure was on as about 50 people and a news crew (broadcasting live) came out to see. Could he eat them all? Could The Bear beat the record? You’re about to find out! – Joey

P.S. – Mad respect to Mac Lethal for giving us the permission to use his video/song in this video. Mac is a KC kid and is amazing! Go but some of his stuff!

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