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The Bear vs. The China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge!
Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Bear vs. The China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge!


Photo courtesy of Aaron Wakamatsu.


Chickens must HATE Jamie “The Bear” McDonald…….China Blue Restaurant, located on NW 9th St. in Corvallis, Oregon, is an Americanized Chinese restaurant and home to the Lucky Seven Challenge.

China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge

The China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge is reserved for only the bravest of souls and is as follows: You must eat seven different chicken dishes (orange, lemon, sweet & sour, Hunan, General Tso, Mandarin, and their signature hazelnut chicken) each weighing 1 pound for a total of 7 pounds. You must complete the China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge in one hour by yourself, with no bathroom breaks (and obviously, no reversals of fortune). Finish the challenge and you win a cash jackpot. The cash jackpot starts at $100 and goes up by another $100 each month the challenge stays unbeaten.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Seven pounds in an hour isn’t really that much for Jamie “The Bear” McDonald”. But as Jamie would be the first to tell you, each challenge presents its own set of…challenges. In the case of a challenge such as the China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge, it’s a combination of the massive amounts of sodium and sugars that challengers face.  The plus of this eating challenge, according to our favorite competitive eater, is the variety of flavor each dish brings. The different flavors help to break up the monotony of eating the same flavor  over an extended period of time.

Many have faced the China Blue Lucky 7 Challenge and only a few have conquered it. Will Jamie “The Bear” McDonald be able to overcome the challenge that the Lucky Seven Challenge presents? Or will the China Blue Lucky Seven Challenge tame “The Bear”?

China Blue is open every day at 11 a.m., serving lunch until 3:30. Dinner runs until 9 Sun-Thu (and until 10 on Fri and Sat). Jamie say their chicken dishes are pretty damn good!

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