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Can The Bear Beat An 11 Pound Cinnamon Roll?
Sunday, April 30, 2017

Can The Bear Beat An 11 Pound Cinnamon Roll?

competitve-eaterNestled in the town of Longview, Washington is a diner by the name of Stuffy’s II. Famous in the Northeast for its fun atmosphere and awesome food, Stuffy’s has a few “Bear Sized” items on its menu. But on this day it was Stuffy’s cinnamon roll that caught the Bear’s attention. Typically Stuffy’s makes a MONSTER cinnamon roll that contains nearly seven cups of flour that’s 5 to 5.5 pounds. when it is finished. Not seeing that as much of a challenge, Jamie had them whip one up that was a bit more of a challenge. The result….

A nearly 11 pound cinnamon roll! Watch below as Jamie tackles this epic challenge.








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